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I wouldn’t call myself a “seasoned traveler”, but I’ve a few places and my first time in Aruba was interesting…in a good way.   Jeff (long time boyfriend) and I got off the plane and was nicely welcomed by greeters at the airport offering us grocery bags. The New Yorker in me refused to take the bags (because ain’t nothing free) being under the assumption that I would have to pay a hefty tourist price. Turns out the bags were free, and would be needed later on for grocery shopping since they charge per plastic bags.

We went through newly automated custom and stepped out the airport as we took our first breath on new soil and tried to locate which direction we would be heading. We got in a cab and headed to our hotel.



With peeled eyes we took in every new sight of the south American island. The island is small, 3-7 miles in width small. Nonetheless, it was still lovely and oddly clean.  I guess in my mind I was comparing a lot to Barbados which had an air of strong culture and being someone’s home, whereas Aruba felt like it was created for tourists.

We spent days laid on the beach, by the pool, discovering the island and enjoyed our time.

See you soon,



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