Yellow Dress Page


Let me start this blog post by introducing myself. My name is Warline, pronounced War-leene (not war-line, if you call me that in person I will ignore you)… we will go into the details of my name some other time. I’m a twenty something year old I am 23 years old and I am trying to figure out my passion. This blog will mainly consist of fashion, fitness related content and a bit of life update.

It is 4pm on a cloudy Tuesday afternoon, and I am sitting at my desk at my 9 to 5 waiting for my time to be up. I decide to do the usual social browsing to see what the internet is obsessing about for this particular hour. As I scroll through my Instagram timeline, I receive an email from Chase saying that I was charged for my WordPress account.

This strike me as odd considering that I have never used WordPress before. Then I remembered 2 years ago in 2015, I had set a new year goal to fully leverage all of my social accounts, which I have completely neglected to do, even though I know I can be really good at it and honestly enjoy it.

This post and the ones to come are for holding myself accountable and sticking to goals. Here is a collection of items that I have purchased from target.

Hope you enjoy.





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